Confessions of a Fitness Trainer 1

If you’ve been getting down on yourself for your flagging interest in getting fit or you find yourself falling off the fitness wagon time and again, don’t despair. Trying to stay healthy, even for fitness professionals, can be difficult, especially when it comes to discipline and diet. Here are some confessions Colleen Tokarz, fitness director at Cocoa Beach Health & Fitness and a personal trainer, shared.

1. “The hardest part about dining out or ordering in is the lack of reduced sodium choices on most menus, but my favorite ‘cheat meal is pizza.”

2. “Getting your body in shape or bikini ready isn’t solely from working out. It’s about proper nutrition. Eighty percent of how you look is from eating right.”

3. “After college, I joined a gym and never went, so I decided to start teaching group fitness—that way I had to be there.”