New Trends in Fitness Deliver Results 24

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

While Swiss and Bosu balls are great for building core strength and improving balance, they don’t provide us with the kind of cardio workouts that doctors say we need to remain heart healthy.

The latest trends in fitness, however, get your heart rate up while allowing you to tone your body and build muscle. Fortunately, you don’t have to live in a sprawling metropolis to be able to take advantage of them. Right here in Cocoa Beach you can find facilities that offer the same kinds of challenging workouts that you’d expect in larger cities.

One local gym provides members with four workouts that are as varied as the people seeking them out and the reasons behind them. That facility is Cocoa Beach Health & Fitness, and their classes have a broad appeal because they offer exercise programs to fit any lifestyle and most fitness levels.


This popular new trend combines the power, speed and agility of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of Pilates, long known for toning, lengthening and strengthening muscles. It’s a fat-burning workout set to exhilarating dance moves, which incorporates the use of weighted gloves for enhanced toning benefits. If you want to move quickly with focus and precision, it’s the perfect workout.

Barre Works!

While yoga, recognized for its Zen-like mental and physical benefits, has been around for centuries, “barre works!” is not your mother’s yoga. This fitness trend is unique because it’s a combination of ballet, Pilates and yoga all wrapped up into one challenging full-body workout using light weights, ballet barre and yoga mats. Another nice thing about it is no ballet experience is necessary to begin.

Dance Fitness Trends

Dancers have always known the benefits of shaking your moneymaker, but it wasn’t until primetime celebrity dance competitions swept the nation that your average Joe caught on. This trend has a lot to do with contestants gushing about weight loss and increased stamina. Whatever’s piqued your interest to give it a try, high-energy classes such as “cardio salsa,” “move & groove,” “gotta dance!” and Zumba will rock your socks off.

If you still want to dance your way to fitness but at a slower tempo, there’s “belly fit,” a holistic fitness class that incorporates elements of belly dancing, African dance, Indian dance and Bollywood styles into an hourlong class that encompasses cardio, cool down and core using Pilates and yoga principles.

Rocket Circuit Training aka Boot Camp Training

An aggressive, results-driven fitness program conducted in small groups, Rocket circuit training works the whole body, improves conditioning, muscular endurance, mobility, strength and stamina. It’s fun and fast-paced, so you don’t get bored while working your upper body, lower body and core, but you’ll definitely know you’ve had a workout when you’re done. This is a good choice for workout partners looking for a team fitness situation.

Staying active can lead to a longer, healthier life while maintaining precious mobility with fewer aches and pains. If you’re thinking about starting a fitness plan, any fitness plan, it’s recommended you consult with a physician before embarking on the program to confirm you’re healthy enough to partake in it.

Cocoa Beach Health & Fitness is located at 1355 N. Atlantic Ave., Cocoa Beach, FL 32931. For more information, call 321.613.2969 or visit