Hitting the Waves with Patrick Nickerson 6

Try this Workout Before Grabbing Your Surfboard

Surfing in itself is an all-over body workout, but to keep limber and properly stretched there are a number of easy workouts surfers can do before hitting the waves. They often include some form of yoga for its focus on breathing, core strength, balance and the ability to center oneself—all of which, not coincidentally, come in handy in the sport. One local surfer, Patrick Nickerson, shares a quick warmup routine for maintaining or improving both agility and strength, and what better place to get that pre-workout and epic surf session in than world-famous Cocoa Beach?

Surfers’ Warmup Stretch

Wide-stance plank with opposite arm/leg lift

8-10 reps, hold 20 seconds

Cobra pose

4-6 reps, hold 20 seconds

Samson stretch

3 reps/leg, hold 20 seconds

Side-stretch modified Warrior pose

8-10 reps/side, hold 20 seconds

Single-leg squats

5 reps/leg



Child’s pose (resting posture)

Hold until ready to release.

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