Who’s a Smart Dog?

Have an ill-mannered pup that could benefit from some instruction? You’re not alone. Most pet parents experience frustration when it comes to training their beloved canines, hoping to transform them into the model pets they desire. 

If you’re serious about this transformation, look no further than Canine Brains & Games. Founder Diane Whitney runs the training facility located in Merritt Island. Canine Brains & Games offers frustrated pet parents and newbie owners the chance for a peaceful co-existence with their fur babies through training programs focusing on fun and enlightenment, for the animals and their owners.

Diane, who has been working with dogs for more than 20 years, wants people to know that canine training programs don’t have to be tedious or stifling. In fact, her approach is just the opposite, with reward-based programs that stimulate the mind and are actually enjoyable.

Her mission is training for a dog’s lifelong wellbeing and to enrich their lives through owner education. She also feels it’s important to educate people that behaviors are interactive, and training begins by recognizing the way each person interacts with their dog.

Canine Brains & Games provides classes for nearly every goal you’re trying to achieve, from puppy classes and beginner basics, to good citizenry and advanced courses. The school also features seminars that examine topics like potty training; redirecting biting, mouthing and chewing; and canine behavior and body language basics.

Diane began training shelter dogs in 1995 and comes with an impressive background or “pedigree” in canine instruction. She not only has a number of impressive accreditations, such as Canine Good Citizen & Trick Dog Evaluator, but she was also hired by PetSmart in 2003 to lead its training program for its upstate New York expansion. Diane also served as president of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers from 2004-2006. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re wondering how she’s been so successful in her chosen field, she uses a number of training techniques that click with both dogs and humans alike. They are based on the idea that people want to have fun while training their dog and that the animal should remain engaged through mental stimulation, because “learning and play are intrinsically linked.”

It’s accomplished through lure-and-reward training and clicker training, and it’s successful when undertaken as a team between animal and owner. Practiced properly and consistently, you can improve both your lives and strengthen your relationship in the process because training is also a valuable bonding experience.

You can help Diane realize her dream of creating a society of well-mannered dogs by enrolling your pet in one of her classes, whether you need specific training or just want to have fun with your dog. For more information, visit Facebook.com/CanineBrainsGamesLLC.