For a Premier Cocktail Bar Experience with a Chill Local Vibe, Head Downtown to the Heart of Cocoa Beach

Where do the locals go for the best cocktail bar experience? The answer is 87 Main Street Spirits, located in the heart of historic Cocoa Beach. This popular hotspot distinguishes itself by providing premier cocktails and real food, the type you would normally associate with a dress code establishment, but in a relaxed atmosphere Florida beach-style. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Owned by J. Marie Sheppard, the bar/restaurant’s name comes from its downtown location in Cocoa Beach. If you’ve never been, a quick perusal of review sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google, MapQuest and others all rate it five stars.

The inside is a combination of relaxed beach chic mixed with contemporary sophistication. The furniture throughout is comfortable with plenty of wide couches and roomy chairs for informal seating and a traditional bar. That’s really the best way to describe 87 Main Street: comfortable with an easy, relaxed vibe. It’s a great setting for meeting up with groups of friends or meeting new people over drinks. Whether in a group, on a date, or solo, there is always someone to talk to at 87.

Regardless of what you’re looking for—martinis, a quick nosh, or a full-on dining experience complete with raspberry brie puffs, lobster bisque, shrimp scampi, specialty coffee and dessert—it’s all there. Add to that a staff which is devoted to ensuring your experience is positive as well as memorable and you’re likely to find a new favorite hangout.

Rich, savory dishes like Burgundy Beef Tips give way to lighter fare that includes beef Wellington bites, spring green salads, seared tuna, paninis and snack foods.

One of the more popular dishes is an amazing meat and cheese board featuring a blend of salami, prosciutto, grand cru, fontina, aged cheddar and blue affineé  garnished with pimento olives, blue cheese olives and sweet gherkins. Topped off with an assortment of crackers, red raspberry jam, honey and blackberries, it’s the ultimate compliment to sipping cocktails. 

What could be better, right? Well, perhaps enjoying that very same scenario on a cozy, two-level, pet-friendly garden patio while listening to strains of live music. Yeah, that might do it. You’re in luck five days a week on the music, and the patio is a given nearly anytime.

Speaking of cocktails, the drink menu includes an extensive martini list and a variety of excellent wines from all over the world. 87 Main Street also features a large selection of craft beers, both draft and bottled, to choose from.

You can always pair them with a snack off of 87’s late-night food menu, which includes ceviche, shrimp cocktail, sweet barbecue meatballs, German soft pretzels and the Main Street 10 at 10 burger. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

So, what inspired the creation of 87?

“There simply was no place to go similar to this which remained open for the late-night folks,” J. Marie says.

She felt that Cocoa Beach needed a more contemporary location for those who did not wish to cross the causeways or go to Orlando. This has been a huge draw for many locals who either walk or bike to the bar.  

Along the way, 87 Main Street has also built a reputation for venue events. Whether corporate get-togethers, weddings, or birthday parties, their detail-oriented approach guarantees that special tailor-made experience for everyone. J. Marie and her extremely capable staff bring more than 30 years of combined event experience to the table, ensuring that whatever the reason for gathering, the event is memorable as well as affordable.

All in all, for great people, friendly staff, and good food, fun, and spirits, this Cocoa Beach establishment provides everything. The next time you’re looking for someplace different to try, give 87 Main Street a shot. It could just become your favorite new haunt.

34 S. Atlantic, Cocoa Beach, Florida