More than just a Preschool, MIPC Provides

Trying to find the right educational facilities for your kids can be a task. That’s because there are so many things to consider when choosing the right schools to ensure the proper fit for your child’s needs. This can be especially daunting when they’re just starting out.

What is the curriculum? How much structure do they provide? Is it a safe environment? Will they instill confidence and encourage creativity? And those are just a sampling of the laundry list of concerns.

A number of parents in Merritt Island have found the answers they’re looking for in the Merritt Island Presbyterian Church Preschool located at 155 Cone Road.

Since 1965, MIPC has offered a preschool and childcare facility to members of the local community, with the goal of providing a Christian environment where children will build a strong foundation of early learning experiences.

“Most of the staff have been employed with MIPCP for over 10 years, which is part of what makes us stand out: our extremely low turnover rate, along with providing high-quality care with a Christian curriculum,” says Director Tammy Lewis.

The facility is much more than your average preschool. There’s also a Healthy Me program where children are taught about the importance of proper diet and exercise.

In the fall, youngsters are also instructed on how to grow vegetables. This includes the care and cultivation of the plants along with education on their nutritional benefits and, of course, a tasting of the fruits of their labor.

They also offer a carry-in library where once a week voluntary pre-kindergartners can pick out a book, which is then read to them, and another to check out and take home for reading with their parents.

With the aid of four fluent instructors, the daycare recently started teaching Spanish to little ones age 2 and up, giving the kids a jump start on mastering bilingual skills early on while their minds are still malleable. The children are also reminded regularly of their specialness and uniqueness.

Last year, MIPCP expanded their infant and toddler room and put in a mothers’ nursing area where new moms can come in on their lunch breaks and feed their babies with some privacy.

This year, the school has plans for purchasing a van in order to launch a before-and-after program in 2019 where kids can be safely transported to and from local elementary schools. The plans include a homework room as well. They’ll also have a summer camp where kids can experience field trips.

There are a number of programs MIPCP offers beyond childcare in order to help families remain strong. For instance, MIPC’s Pastor, Rev. Karen Crawford, offers her time if a family needs counseling; if requested, resources for families include information on parenting classes; and Pastor Crawford also does chapel with preschool and VPK kids every Wednesday morning.

In their ongoing efforts to provide the best possible services to community members, MIPCP is always searching for opportunities to grow, more parent involvement and feedback on how they can improve with a view toward the future. Now, that sounds like a plan.

155 Cone Road, Merritt Island, Florida, 321.435.1640,