Brilliant Blowouts Worthy of a Duchess

For several years now, women have been obsessed with blowouts. If you ask a man what they are, he’ll probably say a blown tire. Ask a woman, and she’s likely to start rattling on about Kate Middleton’s stylist and how fantastic the Duchess of Cambridge’s hair always appears. Women everywhere are hot for the look. 

If you count yourself among them, you don’t have to fly to London and hit up Kate’s go-to hair gal for an appointment. Instead, you can go to Brazilian Beauty Blowout Studio in Cocoa Beach, where Gisele Rieger will set your tresses straight. She is the owner/operator of the award-winning studio and, with a slight twist of irony, she is a Brazilian beauty herself.

Armed with a degree in business management and finance, Gisele immigrated to the U.S. from Brazil with her husband and two young children back in 2000. Upon her arrival, she initially went to beauty school and began her career as a stylist in Illinois. That’s where she opened her very first salon and began specializing in techniques for intensive hair treatments. She doesn’t just cut and style hair. 

From there, the family eventually relocated to Melbourne, Florida, where she began managing a number of salons before striking back out on her own and restarting her own business in Indian Harbor Beach. In 2015, she opened Brazilian Beauty Blowout Salon in Cocoa Beach, where she’s seen a measurable uptick in clients seeking her popular services.

At Brazilian Beauty Blowout, Rieger offers everything from shampoos and cuts; to hair coloring, highlights and tints; to blowouts and even waxing. Her services are often sought by members of wedding parties and women looking forward to special occasions where shiny, silky hair is the envy of every other woman within eyesight.

“I am positioning myself to be the anti-frizz solutions salon as a niche, however maintaining a full-service salon in the process,” Gisele says.

Something of a hair spa, Gisele begins with a consultation—taking into account facial features and bone structure—and works from there. For some clients, it might be something minor, like a touchup or a slightly new twist on an established style, while others are looking for a full-blown makeover, not just a freshening up. Gisele and her staff pride themselves on their art, because that’s what a successful stylist is: an artist. It takes knowledge and talent to create the perfect coif. 

Gisele has devoted a large part of her career to therapies for overworked hair. Her treatments aren’t just for straightening, but strengthening, protecting and improving hair texture through the use of things like keratin and detoxification processes. The result of these techniques is beautiful, stronger, shinier hair that would make Lady Godiva weep with appreciation.

The salon also carries a number of professional products made available to the public so you can maintain the health of your hair between appointments. They include names like Paul Mitchell and, of course, Brazilian Blowout brand Aftercare. 

Gisele wants women in Brevard to know that beautiful hair does not just have to be for special occasions. It also doesn’t have to be temporary, as in till you wash it again. For example, her Brazilian Blowout Xpress service delivers up to four weeks of healthy, lustrous shine while smoothing and eliminating frizz. Ladies, rejoice! News like this is heaven-sent for women with difficult, damaged or unruly locks to contend with.

An upscale salon, Brazilian Beauty’s interior features an uncluttered, contemporary beach blend reflected through the use of soft aqua and beige tones, clean lines, and an open, airy feel, providing a space clients can unwind in—which is one of the things Gisele had in mind when she opened the studio.

“My customers come first. Recognizing that most women don’t have a lot of time to devote to salon treatments, I wanted to provide an oasis of sorts where clients could come and relax in a calm, quiet, professional atmosphere while getting their beauty needs met in a timely manner,” she says.

As a gorgeous, petite brunette with hair to die for and impeccable makeup, Gisele is the perfect face for Brazilian Beauty, and given the opportunity, she’d like very much to place you in her capable hands and work her magic on you. 

5675 N. Atlantic Ave., Cocoa Beach, 321.305.3009,