The Inn at Cocoa Beach Provides Guests with a Tranquil Space to Unwind

The Inn at Cocoa Beach was designed around the concept of providing a quiet, tranquil space for weary travelers and other guests to escape and unwind. The owner, Karen Simpler, knew firsthand how important that was. A world traveler who finds herself abroad six weeks out of every year, Karen purchased the Inn at Cocoa Beach in 1987 after leaving a successful career in the restaurant industry back in Delaware. She desired to build a boutique-style hotel, as well as a home for herself. Karen’s home is the top two floors of the hotel, and she often welcomes hotel guests for cocktails in her living room.

Karen had major renovations in mind, and it wasn’t long before construction began on additional floors, which were eventually completed in 1989. The results of the two-stage project and the rest of the hard work that went into the outcome can be seen in the beautiful structure and the carefully manicured grounds surrounding it. Rated the No. 1 hotel in Cocoa Beach on TripAdvisor, the inn has more of a B&B atmosphere that is reflected in an assortment of ways.

First, guests more or less have the run of the house in the sense that they can make themselves at home in the common rooms. There is also an honor bar—a quaint accountability system often seen in European lodging—and at 5 p.m. guests are treated to free wine and cheese. Each of the private rooms is decorated independently of the rest, and there are not only two house dogs that live in the lobby, but there are two parrots—Tango and Tangee—living onsite as well. The dogs, Lucy and Lilly, are Maltese Shih Tzus, and they like nothing more than to greet guests.

The decor in this European-style boutique hotel is relaxed and comfortable with almost a country air to it that is magnified by the spaciousness of the main rooms. In other words, cramped is not a word that’s likely to come to mind during your stay. After Hurricane Irma visited the Space Coast in 2017, the hotel suffered some damage and took the opportunity to completely renovate the guest rooms.

What you will see throughout the establishment are charming examples of art, antiques, indigenous crafts, handmade items and other unique goods from all over the globe courtesy of Karen’s world travels. Two of her most recent excursions have found her navigating through Greece and France admiring and sampling all the wares and fare along the way.

Located on the beach directly behind Ron Jon’s, the inn treats visitors to magnificent ocean views spilling out to the east. This gives guests the choice of a refreshing dip in the Inn’s swimming pool or a romp in the waves just feet from the private veranda where spa music gently plays in the background. Calgon, take me away, it’s the total relaxation package!

Visitors are well within walking distance to countless restaurants, bars, shops and nightlife opportunities, but you can always escape back to the peace and quiet of your little tropical getaway hidden in plain sight.

The setting is so enticing that it made it within the pages of author Ron Starr’s The Inn: a Cocoa Beach Ghost Story. A frequent guest when he was on the coast, Ron asked Karen for permission to use the hotel as the backdrop for his book. The predominantly adult clientele there—ensuring peace and quiet—and the remote location is ideal for a writer looking for inspiration and a place to bang away at a keyboard with minimal distractions.

Larry York, the facility’s longtime innkeeper, revealed that the inn’s nickname is actually “the quiet place,” living up to its original design concept and pleasing guests looking for a stress-free, primarily adult environment. Larry’s 13 years of service come after careers with both the Ritz Carlton and Hilton, so he has an obvious passion for the hospitality industry.

When asked what his favorite part of the business is and what Karen’s might be, he answered, “For me, it’s definitely interacting with the guests. For Karen, it’s probably meeting people from all over the world and welcoming them into her home.”  

Between the two of them and the amazing staff at the Inn at Cocoa Beach, “the quiet place” definitely does not disappoint.  

4300 Ocean Beach Blvd., Cocoa Beach, 321.799.3460,