Infinity Yoga and Wellness of Cocoa Beach Offers the Holistic Tradition of Ayurveda

Yoga is beneficial for both body and mind, restoring your energy levels, reducing stress, improving muscle tone, balance, sleep and general outlook all while bringing a sense of calm into your life. It teaches you techniques for focus and gives you the tools to step back and bring things down a notch whenever the need arises. In fact, if you practice it…

Animal Wellness World Offers Alternatives for Healing to Pet Owners and Their Animal Companions

Pets are like kids, and for a lot of us, they're like our own children. We worry about them and want to ensure they get the best care possible in order to lead long, healthy, happy lives. We also don't want to see them go through unnecessary treatments when they're in pain or suffering from an illness. 

Regenerative Matrix, Aging Gracefully without the Use of Pills or Surgery

Embracing the "everything in moderation" philosophy, as well as genetics, lifestyle habits, diet, what we drink, sleep and managing stress all play a large role in aging gracefully. There's no getting around it. They haven't invented a magic pill yet that allows you to lead a sedentary life of overindulgence and still come out on top—yet!

Parting Thoughts

As I reflect upon 2018, it occurs to me that this past year seems to have had a lot of distractions and noise—and not the pleasant kind. The TV seems louder and less interesting, the political noise was much louder and more obnoxious on ALL sides (spoken like a true independent). And things that really just aren't that important seem to have…

All I Want for Christmas Holiday Gift Guide

If you're like a lot of people, you probably haven't even finished wrapping up your Christmas shopping, much less the presents. Fear not. We've put together a little gift guide compiled from four different members of the community with a variety of interests to offer you some shopping inspiration this holiday season. Here are their picks grouped into two convenient segments.

Decorating 3 Ways for the Holidays

 In all three looks -   Look 1: Coastal Christmas  Look 2: Traditional Christmas

Surfing Santas Invade Cocoa Beach Christmas Eve

Far from the bitter nip of Jack Frost, here in sunny Florida we have our own traditions during the holidays. And on the morning of Christmas Eve in Cocoa Beach, one of them is surfing with Ol' St. Nick. That's right, surfing with Santa—actually, hundreds of them.

All Aboard the Nawrocki Express! Christmas Memories Abound with Toy Train Sets ‘Round the Tree

Regardless of age, one of the most cherished holiday memories for generations is the sight and sound of a toy train set chugging around the track beneath a Christmas tree. The memory is so nostalgic that for many people that delight is carried over into adulthood to form similar traditions with their own families.

Home for the Holidays: Cocoa Beach Fire Department

For many people, it's easy to forget that spending the holidays with family is not a foregone conclusion for everyone. We often take for granted that there's a choice, which isn't the case with first responders who, like many people, have to show up for duty, regardless of when it falls on the calendar.

Exciting Culinary Creations for Thanksgiving Guests and Pets Alike

The holidays are upon us, and while they are filled with time-honored traditions, there's nothing that says we can't add a little variety and spice to the menu to liven things up now and again.