Regenerative Matrix, Aging Gracefully without the Use of Pills or Surgery

Embracing the "everything in moderation" philosophy, as well as genetics, lifestyle habits, diet, what we drink, sleep and managing stress all play a large role in aging gracefully. There's no getting around it. They haven't invented a magic pill yet that allows you to lead a sedentary life of overindulgence and still come out on top—yet!

Surfing Santas Invade Cocoa Beach Christmas Eve

Far from the bitter nip of Jack Frost, here in sunny Florida we have our own traditions during the holidays. And on the morning of Christmas Eve in Cocoa Beach, one of them is surfing with Ol' St. Nick. That's right, surfing with Santa—actually, hundreds of them.

Trent Art Gallery

 Article Rebecca West | Photography Hassan Patterson  Marine life is a common theme among local artists, but one young newcomer to the scene is making quite a splash in Cocoa Beach with his splendid interpretations of nature. Focusing on land and sea, Kole Trent has already made a name for himself due to his visually stunning work.  Featuring vivid hues reminiscent of Wyland, whom he…

Meet Justin Connors

Getting your future finances squared away and planning for your picture of retirement is important no matter where you live. For residents in Cocoa Beach, there’s one man that has been helping Space Coast residents for nearly two decades to do just that.
Meet Justin Connors, founder & CEO of Connors Wealth Management, a financial planning and investment management firm with…