A New Year’s Change

Happy New Year and welcome to the Active issue of Cocoa Beach Lifestyle!

Fourth Annual Taste of the Coast

The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce presented the Fourth Annual Taste of the Coast. More than 350 guests sampled foods and beverages from 19 well-known establishments and newcomers to the Space Coast dining scene. Florida’s Fresh Grill took top honors as the People’s Choice.

January 2018 Around Town

Stephen Houser has announced that Houser Financial Group is open and ready to assist individuals, families and businesses with seamless financial advising, family wealth planning and investments, business consulting, tax advisory, preparation, and representations and accounting services to create effective integrated, tailored financial solutions. The office is located at 1017 Pathfinder Way, Suite 100-A in Rockledge, Florida.

New Trends in Fitness Deliver Results

While Swiss and Bosu balls are great for building core strength and improving balance, they don’t provide us with the kind of cardio workouts that doctors say we need to remain heart healthy.


Incorporating seasonal ingredients into dishes can add an extra measure of flavor in almost any recipe, especially when they're locally grown. This ensures a level of freshness that comes out in every savory bite. Creating meals like this are what chef Jeff Kainz of Rising Tide Tap & Table in Port Canaveral lives for. Previously with Ocean 302 down in Melbourne Beach, what…

Extreme Makeover

Cocoa Beach has come a long way from the funky little beach town dotted with “surf ghettos” it once was. Over the years, a gradual transformation has taken place. Now, you can find a number of architectural designs throughout the community that reflect contemporary trends.

Confessions of a Fitness Trainer

If you’ve been getting down on yourself for your flagging interest in getting fit or you find yourself falling off the fitness wagon time and again, don’t despair. Trying to stay healthy, even for fitness professionals, can be difficult, especially when it comes to discipline and diet. Here are some confessions Colleen Tokarz, fitness director at Cocoa Beach Health &…

Five Key Retirement Questions 

Beyond asking where you see yourself and even what your lifelong goals are, effective retirement and longevity planning begs some very big questions. Review the points below and consider how housing, transportation and health considerations all play a role in planning for your future.

Diet by Color

In the plant world, color and hue rule in terms of disease-fighting capability. Each color represents different benefits and the deeper the color, the more benefit there is.