Home for the Holidays: Cocoa Beach Fire Department

For many people, it's easy to forget that spending the holidays with family is not a foregone conclusion for everyone. We often take for granted that there's a choice, which isn't the case with first responders who, like many people, have to show up for duty, regardless of when it falls on the calendar.

Why Skipping a Generation Can Be a Good Thing

The new tax law, passed in late December, temporarily raised the lifetime exclusion for estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes to just over $11 million per person. The higher exemption, which adjusts for inflation while in effect, sunsets at the end of 2025.


As November rolls around, we’re anxiously awaiting the approach of Thanksgiving, the holiday season and time spent with our loved ones. The winding down of the year always brings about a time of reflection for us—remembering everything we’ve done or accomplished in months past; looking back on turkey disaster stories, mornings watching the Thanksgiving Day … Continued

November 2018 Around Town

Salute to Brevard Hosted by The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will host Salute to Brevard through Nov. 4. During the two-week celebration, the visitor complex shows appreciation for Brevard residents by offering a 67 percent discount on admission for up to six people. To receive the discount associated with Salute … Continued

Exciting Culinary Creations for Thanksgiving Guests and Pets Alike

The holidays are upon us, and while they are filled with time-honored traditions, there's nothing that says we can't add a little variety and spice to the menu to liven things up now and again.

Cocoa Beach Art Show & Music Fest

Held in Downtown Cocoa Beach, the Cocoa Beach Art Show & Music Fest is the place to be during Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy beautiful unique art, food and live entertainment—a perfect weekend of fun and festivities you won't want to miss! Sponsored by Connors Wealth Management, Superior Title, Coconuts, Rock Paper Simple, Coastal Produce, Margaret Heinz Foundation, RE/MAX … Continued

Hospice of St. Francis: Neighbor Helping Neighbor

As anyone who's ever dealt with a terminal illness or end-stage life situation knows it's not something you want to endure alone. It can be one of the most difficult and profound experiences you'll ever have to undergo, and Hospice of St. Francis understands how trying it can be, which is why they're there to help.

Merritt Island Presbyterian Church Preschool

Trying to find the right educational facilities for your kids can be a task. That's because there are so many things to consider when choosing the right schools to ensure the proper fit for your child's needs. This can be especially daunting when they're just starting out.