Infinity Yoga and Wellness of Cocoa Beach Offers the Holistic Tradition of Ayurveda

Yoga is beneficial for both body and mind, restoring your energy levels, reducing stress, improving muscle tone, balance, sleep and general outlook all while bringing a sense of calm into your life. It teaches you techniques for focus and gives you the tools to step back and bring things down a notch whenever the need arises. In fact, if you practice it…

Try a Delicious, High-Energy Smoothie from Cafe Surfinista You Can Make at Home

It started out as a gathering place for surfers looking for an energy boost before or after a session. A demanding sport, surfing requires a lot of energy, and Cafe Surfinista met that need, with its cold-pressed juices, healthy food choices and delicious smoothies loaded with fresh ingredients chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants. Since that time, it has become a place health-conscious foodies in Cocoa…

Bring on the New Year!

January marks the beginning of not only a new calendar year but also the opportunity for setting personal goals. Perhaps you’ve resolved to exercise more regularly, take up a new hobby or volunteer at the local animal shelter.     Whatever your goals may be, we hope the people, places, recipes and tips and tricks … Continued

January 2019 Around Town

Melbourne International Airport to Construct Noise Barrier with Grant Money As part of the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, the Melbourne Airport Authority has been awarded $4 million to design and construct an enclosure structure at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport to serve as a noise barrier for aircraft engine testing. Residents in the surrounding neighborhoods are … Continued

Village Flooring Plus Celebrates Grand Opening

Village Flooring Plus in Merritt Island proudly celebrated its grand opening. The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce and 98.5 FM The Beach Radio were front-and-center to help them kick off the unveiling of their beautiful, one-of-a-kind showroom.   They had a great turnout filled with food, drinks, kids' activities and awesome prize giveaways including a grand prize … Continued

Animal Wellness World Offers Alternatives for Healing to Pet Owners and Their Animal Companions

Pets are like kids, and for a lot of us, they're like our own children. We worry about them and want to ensure they get the best care possible in order to lead long, healthy, happy lives. We also don't want to see them go through unnecessary treatments when they're in pain or suffering from an illness. 

Regenerative Matrix, Aging Gracefully without the Use of Pills or Surgery

Embracing the "everything in moderation" philosophy, as well as genetics, lifestyle habits, diet, what we drink, sleep and managing stress all play a large role in aging gracefully. There's no getting around it. They haven't invented a magic pill yet that allows you to lead a sedentary life of overindulgence and still come out on top—yet!

Parting Thoughts

As I reflect upon 2018, it occurs to me that this past year seems to have had a lot of distractions and noise—and not the pleasant kind. The TV seems louder and less interesting, the political noise was much louder and more obnoxious on ALL sides (spoken like a true independent). And things that really just aren't that important seem to have…